Fishing Yarns

The Bent Rod Squad (TBRS) exists for the fisho on the pier or the bloke with all the gear; even if you're a shitty fisherman, your secret is safe here. 

TBRS was born off the back of a few average fishermen with the passion of professionals. The lines of ambition and capabilities were severely blurred. Just a bunch of blokes trying to catch the humble snapper, whiting, squid and gummy sharks of Port Phillip and Western Port Bay. 

What started as five mates in a BP service station in Melbourne to come up with the idea, quickly led to getting merchandise made; hoodies, hats and shirts, to give to our mates who loved fishing.

We were well aware that we were average at fishing but as we continued to share our fishing adventures (and the rare wins) on Instagram was that there was a community of like-minded people quickly gathering sharing that same passion we do. Something that hadn't been felt in the fishing industry before, a team within a team you may call it. 

The aim of the Bent Rod Squad was to create something built on the back of community. A place where good people could come together, share the love of the water and fishing with no judgements. 

Thinking back to the early TBRS days in 2016 when we’d be at the boat ramp and most times there would be someone repping our original gear. This lowered the guard of the up-tight fisherman, the “i own this piece of water” type. Instead, sparked great convo around who you were fishing with, what you were fishing for and blokes sharing their secret spots; all chasing that elusive bent rod.

That's what we’re all about. The reason this group started was to take the ‘dickhead' out of fishing and make it fun for everybody - as it should be. 

The story goes on. Plenty of relationships were built, a lot of merch was sold and there were happy customers all over Victoria repping the gear. But with five people involved in a business unfortunately things got a little difficult and over time the merchandise dropped off. However the passion to fish never died and we knew one day we’d be back.

Still to this day we fish with guys we met through The Bent Rod Squad. It was only last week that Cam Jackson, one of the Founder’s was fishing with Benny Weston who he met at the inception of this great group, hooked and caught his first barrel. That's what it is all about. 

Huge credit goes to the boys who started this group; Trav Allen, Matt Seadon, Dave Steen, Cam Jackson and Matt Jackson. Without your passion in its first phase, your crazy content, the many donuts, we wouldn’t be able to re launch today. 

From the pier to the pub and every bit of water in between, whether you’re Rex Hunt or just a bloke who has picked up his first Jarvis Walker combo from kmart, The Bent Rod Squad is here for you with World class fishing apparel that looks the fucking goods.

No fish are guaranteed but you'll look and feel good trying.

See you on the water legends!