Fishing Yarns

Australia is a paradise for anglers, with its vast coastline and numerous waterways. The country boasts an incredible range of fish species, both freshwater and saltwater and fishing enthusiasts can indulge in their passion throughout the year. However, the winter months offer a unique opportunity to target certain species that are more active during this time.

Here are some of the fish species that are worth targeting during the winter months in Australia.


Bream is a popular species among Australian anglers and is widely distributed along the southern coast. During winter, bream gathers in large numbers, making them easier to target. They are often found in estuaries and river systems, especially in areas with structures such as weed beds, snags, and rocky outcrops. Bream can be caught on various baits, including prawns, worms, and small pieces of fish.


Flathead is another popular species that can be caught throughout the year, but their activity increases during winter. They are commonly found in estuaries, river systems, and along the coastline. Flatheads prefer soft sandy, or muddy bottoms where they ambush their prey. They can be caught on various baits, including soft plastics, hard-bodied lures, and live bait.


Due to its size and fighting ability, Mulloway, also known as Jewfish, is a highly prised fish among anglers. During winter, mulloway migrates upriver to spawn, making them more accessible to anglers. They can be found in estuaries and river systems and are often caught using live bait such as mullet or squid. Mulloway can be challenging to catch, requiring patience and persistence.


Snapper are commonly found along the coast and reefs, especially in areas with structures such as rock ledges and drop-offs. Snapper can be caught on various baits, including pilchards, squid, and soft plastics. They are also known for their hard-fighting ability, making them a favourite among anglers. Snapper can grow to impressive sizes, making them a highly prised catch.

Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon is a highly migratory species found along the Australian coastline during the winter. They are often caught in large schools and are known for their aggressive nature, making them a favourite among anglers. Australian Salmon can be caught on various baits, including metal lures, soft plastics, and small pilchards.


Trout is a freshwater species that is highly sought after by anglers in Australia. During winter, trout become more active and can be found in rivers and streams. They are often caught using fly fishing techniques, but spin fishing can also be effective. Trout can be caught on various baits, including worms and flies. They are known for their difficult fighting ability, making them a favourite among experienced anglers.

Other Species

While these are some of the top species to target during the winter months, plenty of other fish species can be caught during this time. Some other saltwater species to target include whiting, trevally, and tailoring. In freshwater, anglers can target Murray cod and golden perch species.


From bream to trout, there is no shortage of species to target during this time. The key to success is to understand the behaviour and habitat of each species and use the appropriate techniques and baits. With patience and persistence, anglers can enjoy a rewarding and memorable fishing experience in Australia's winter months.

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