Fishing Yarns

Rebeard checking in.  Coming off a 4th from round 2 (round 1 was a fun round) myself and team mate Steve decided to roll the dice in search of donkeys., considering tides and give it a crack to try and get on that podium. 

Not 5 mins after getting to our first spot, which means it wasn’t the one we planned, I skipped a gulp crabby up against a pontoon on a 1/50 made by Tony at sportys warehouse on the Gold Coast, let it sink and float under. I had a good feeling after a good cast. 

After a minute or so I see my line tick and start to take off, boom we are on. Took me a minute or two as he tried to do me on a pilon then tried to take off into the rock wall but Steve finally netted him and our first fish on the board is a 30.5 fork! The bosy were up and about. 

After trying to find big fish we had a bag of around 1400 and a tad over 2.4kg going into the arvo session.Throwing $30 lures into trees and losing multiple jigheads and hardbody’s we find a few more till disaster strikes. I check the livewell and freak out screaming at Steve “our f*%king fish are dead!”

Going up the back of the system we find big fish BUT dirty water. The water had our fish in a bad way and I manage to revive 4 out of the 5. Unfortunately our big 29 fatty died and he went overboard for bruce to chew on later that night. Having to swap him for a 26 hurt but is what it is. 

We headed in for a 1:30 finish. Weighed in for a bag of 2.53kg and a length of 1425mm to hold us in to yep, you guess it, another 4th place finish.

"Can’t complain with that", I said to Steve we are slowly stepping up to the plate and low key beating names of the likes of Jamie mckeown, Steve Morgan and builder Mick. Kind of makes ya feel good about the way things are going. Its always a tough field and was super proud of our efforts. 

3 weeks till the next comp. Time to spend money to replenish stocks only to cast them into trees again.